Marie-Antoinette Tran

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The MUC1 mucin (CD227) is a cell surface mucin originally thought to be restricted to epithelial tissues. We report that CD227 is expressed on human blood dendritic cells (DC) and monocyte-derived DC following in vitro activation. Freshly isolated murine splenic DC had very low levels of CD227; however, all DC expressed CD227 following in vitro culture. In(More)
The study investigated the effects of dopamine D1-like receptor stimulation on the autonomic nervous system. Fenoldopam (20 microg/kg) was injected i.v. in conscious sinoaortic denervated dogs, that is, surgically deprived of baroreflex pathways. In barodenervated dogs, fenoldopam (20 microg/kg) induced arterial hypotension as well as bradycardia and(More)
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