Marie-Anne Pringle

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Alternate forms of the PolII transcription initiation machinery have been proposed to play a role in selective activation of cell-type-specific gene expression programs during cellular differentiation. The cannonball (can) gene of Drosophila encodes a homolog of a TBP-associated factor (dTAF5) protein expressed only in spermatocytes, where it is required(More)
A powerful approach for identifying mammalian primary (gonadal) sex determination genes is the molecular genetic analyses of sex reversal conditions (that is, XX individuals with testicular tissue and XY individuals with ovarian tissue). Here we determined the number and chromosomal location of autosomal and X-linked genes that cause sex reversal in(More)
Mammary morphogenesis in the mouse is driven by specialized structures at the ends of the developing ducts, the terminal end buds (TEB). The mechanisms controlling the precise branching and spacing of the ducts are, as yet, unknown. To identify genes that are associated with migration of TEB and differentiation of the subtending ducts, we developed a novel(More)
Reelin is a secreted, signaling protein associated with neuronal cell positioning and migration. Recently, reelin was found to be epigenetically silenced in gastric and pancreatic cancers in which down-regulation was associated with increased migratory ability and reduced survival. Here we analyzed reelin expression by immunohistochemistry in 17 normal(More)
PURPOSE Microarray studies have linked Annexin A8 RNA expression to a "basal cell-like" subset of breast cancers, including BRCA1-related cancers, that are characterized by cytokeratin 5 (CK5) and CK17 expression and show poor prognosis. We assessed Annexin A8's contribution to the overall prognosis and its expression in normal, benign, and cancerous tissue(More)
The divalent-cation ionophore A23187 at micromolar concentrations prevents the ATP-dependent accumulation of calcium into sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles. Under the same conditions and throughout the temperature range of 4 degrees-37 degrees C, A23187 has no effect on either the rotational motion of the Ca2+ -ATPase in the membrane, or on the mobility of(More)
Recently (Franks, N.P. and Lieb, W.R. (1978) Nature 274, 339-342) it has been claimed that the traditional correlation between anesthetic potency and vegetable oil solubility breaks down when the alkanols are compared to other volatile anesthetics. Lately, however, new information on the partitioning of anesthetics into lipid bilayers has become available.(More)