Marie-Anne Guerry

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We examine the impact of three factors on the ability to predict political coalitions of spatial coalition formation models: (1) inclusion of issue saliences, (2) choice of distance function and (3) choice of solution method. Issue saliences quantify the relative importance that parties attribute to different policy dimensions. The second factor is the(More)
Quantitative decision support on personnel planning is often restricted either to rostering or staffing. There exist some approaches in which aspects at the staffing level and the rostering level are treated in a sequential way. Obviously, such practice risks producing suboptimal solutions at both decision levels. These arguments justify an integrated(More)
essential for two reasons. Firstly, patients with positive neck nodes have a higher risk of developing DM as have those with negative neck nodes (Leemans et al, 1993; Mamelle et al, 1994). Secondly, a heterogeneity between the tumour cell populations of the primary tumour site and the neck nodes is possible. Therefore an analysis of the distribution of(More)
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