Marie-Anne Brisard

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Orthotopic liver transplants were conducted in 15 dogs, with aortic clamping during the anhepatic time of the operation and without venous shunting. Aortic clamping lasted for between 30 and 42 minutes. Immunosuppressant treatment was not given. Eight dogs died within 2 hours after the operation, 5 from haemorrhage and 3 accidentally. Seven animals survived(More)
INTRODUCTION microbial keratitis is a significant health concern for the one million wearers of contact lenses and their ophthalmologists, with some potentially modifiable risk factors. The number of risk factors for contact lens-related microbial keratitis has been described, but many of them still remain assumed or unknown. PATIENTS AND METHODS a(More)
This exceptional case of traumatic spondylolisthesis recalls the interest of rapid treatment, and the great interest of Harrington's material both for contention and reduction. Finally the authors emphasise the necissity of completing the procedure by an intersomatic graft by the anterior route.
We have studied the macroscopic anatomy of the portal vein to explain the distribution of metastatic emboli, by the orientation of its branches and its internal flows. Its termination seen under the microscope permits, by knowledge of the portal microcirculation of the lobule, one to localise nidation of these emboli in the hepatic sinus and, to explain(More)
An important number of psychiatric patients have difficulties to live outside of hospital and to stabilize their living situation. This results in long hospitalizations which are in conflict with the current strategies of brief hospital admissions for acute treatment. In order to tackle this issue, the service of general psychiatry of the Department of(More)
The study of 20 personal cases and 254 cases collected by a meeting of surgeons reveals contradictory results from surgical treatment. The peculiar structure of the wall and the bipolar relations with the liver and vessels (especially lymphatics) are the basis for the nosological and therapeutic deductions. Personal observation and a review of the(More)