Marie-Anik Gagné

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PURPOSE To test the hypothesis that differences between sicker and not-so-sick women in their preoccupation with their illness and parenting behavior can explain why some investigators find that children of breast cancer patients fare better than controls and other investigators find the reverse. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty-two women with metastasized(More)
Rapid changes in health care and the evolving role of the pharmacist, as shown by the recent expanding scope of practice changes in several Canadian jurisdictions, have created a need for additional pharmacist continuing education (CE). Many pharmacists move into these new roles with excitement and trepidation. Some pharmacists may be comfortable(More)
There is growing energy behind primary mental health care reform - from political activity, research, funding and clinical practice. The evidence that early adopters have been busy reforming mental health services in primary health care is apparent in the rise of references to primary mental health care and collaborative care in national and provincial(More)
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