Marie-Ange Manier

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This study considers a cyclic scheduling of hoist movements in electroplating industry. Several jobs have to flow through a production line according to an ordered bath sequence. They firstly enter the line at a loading buffer. Then they will be soaked sequentially in a series of tanks containing specific chemical baths. Finally, they will leave the line at(More)
Computing the optimal route to go from one place to another is a highly important issue in road networks. The problem consists of finding the path that minimizes a metric such as distance, time, cost etc. to go from one node to another in a directed or undirected graph. Although standard algorithms and techniques such as Dijkstra and integer programming are(More)
This paper deals with the performance evaluation of a public transportation system in terms of waiting times at various connection points. The behaviour of a bus network is studied in the framework of Discrete Event Systems (DES). Two possible operating modes of buses can be observed at each connection stop: periodic and nonperiodic mode. Two complementary(More)
In this paper, solving of conflicts of a Petri net model with techniques of (max, plus) algebra is considered. We define a routing policy which enables to solve and arbitrate the associated conflicts with a Petri net. We show how the conflict solving semantic prevents the deadlock in a graphical model while introducing routing functions into modelling. To(More)
Nowadays, the human mobility always happens in a multimodal transportation network. However, the transport system has become more complex. Therefore, building Advanced Travelers Information Systems (ATIS) that provide passengers with pre-trip information on navigating through the network has become a certain need. Since passengers do not only seek a(More)