Marie-Angélique Laporte

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GreenPhylDB is a database designed for comparative and functional genomics based on complete genomes. Version 2 now contains sixteen full genomes of members of the plantae kingdom, ranging from algae to angiosperms, automatically clustered into gene families. Gene families are manually annotated and then analyzed phylogenetically in order to elucidate(More)
Soil invertebrates are known to be much involved in soil behaviour and therefore in the provision of ecosystem services. Functional trait-based approaches are methodologies which can be used to understand soil invertebrates' responses to their environment. They (i) improve the predictions and (ii) are less dependent on space and time. The way traits have(More)
To address biodiversity issues in ecology and to assess the consequences of ecosystem changes, large quantities of long-term observational data from multiple datasets need to be integrated and characterized in a unified way. Linked open data initiatives in ecology aim at promoting and sharing such observational data at the web-scale. Here we present a web(More)
Molecular biologists, just like geneticists, make use of various experimental mechanisms and devices to conduct research and to validate or invalidate their theories or initial hypotheses. Mechanisms powered by information technology, called in silico, put data and analysis tools at the centre of the experiments, and are thus different from in vivo, ex vivo(More)
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