Marie-Andrée Imbeault

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Differences in core temperature and body heat content, generally observed between the luteal and follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, have been reported to modulate the thermogenic activity of cold-exposed women. However, it is unclear how this change in whole body shivering activity will influence fuel selection. The goal of this study was to quantify(More)
When untrained subjects walk backward on a treadmill, an unexpectedly large amplitude soleus H-reflex occurs in the midswing phase of backward walking. We hypothesized that activity in the corticospinal tract (CST) during midswing depolarizes the soleus alpha-motoneurons subliminally and thus brings them closer to threshold. To test this hypothesis,(More)
In a recent paper it was claimed that in the majority (9/15) of subjects studied the soleus H-reflex increases progressively during the swing phase of walking. This pattern was at odds with our numerous observations made since 1986, as was the very large proportion of subjects reported to exhibit this pattern. We therefore reinvestigated the issue in an(More)
lipase in skeletal muscle: an avian phenotype? Increased thermoregulation in cold-exposed transgenic mice overexpressing lipoprotein cold exposure Effects of the menstrual cycle on muscle recruitment and oxidative fuel selection during including high resolution figures, can be found at: Updated information and services those papers emphasizing adaptive and(More)
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