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Treatment and referral decisions under different physician payment mechanisms.
This paper analyzes and compares the incentive properties of some common payment mechanisms for GPs, namely fee for service (FFS), capitation and fundholding. It focuses on gatekeeping GPs and itExpand
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Psychosocial distress and infertility: a review of controlled research.
Three hypotheses have been most often cited on the link between infertility and psychosocial distress: (1) psychosocial problems trigger infertility; (2) infertility triggers psychosocial distress;Expand
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Provider Competition in a Dynamic Setting
We examine provider and patient behavior in a dynamic model where effort is noncontractible, competition between providers is modeled in an explicit way and where patients' outside options are solvedExpand
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Pooling and Separating Equilibria in Insurance Markets with Adverse Selection and Distribution Costs
In the Rothschild-Stiglitz [1976] model of a competitive insurance market with adverse selection, pooling equilibria cannot exist. However in practice, pooling contracts are frequent, notably inExpand
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Payment mechanism and GP self-selection: capitation versus fee for service
This paper analyzes the consequences of allowing gatekeeping general practitioners (GPs) to select their payment mechanism. We model GPs’ behavior under the most common payment schemes (capitationExpand
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Physicians Self Selection of a Payment Mechanism: Capitation versus Fee-for-Service
The main question raised in this paper is whether GPs should self select their paymentmechanism or not. To answer it, we model GPs' behavior under the most commonpayment schemes (capitation andExpand
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Temporary pareto optimum theory
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to introduce bounded rationality in the framework of Pareto optimality. This is done by altering the usual definition of the attainable set to take account ofExpand
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Neuronavigation fonctionnelle: Fusion des données de l'IRM fonctionnelle dans un système de neuronavigation
De rares equipes ont deja publie sur la possibilite d'integrer les donnees fonctionnelles de l'IRM d'activation cerebrale aux donnees de l'IRM morphologique dans un systeme de neuronavigation, ceExpand
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[Functional neuronavigation. Fusion of functional MRI data in a neuronavigation system].
Neuronavigation systems integrating functional magnetic resonance imaging data have been reported recently, but generally without many details about methodology. We propose an easy method to performExpand
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Incentive contracts and the compensation of health care providers
Dans cet article, nous utilisons un modele d’agence pour etudier comment, dans un contexte d’asymetrie d’informations, la remuneration d’un medecin devrait etre reliee au nombre de patients traites.Expand
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