Marie-Alice Foujols

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The vulnerability of human populations and natural systems and their ability to adapt to extreme events and climate change vary with geographic regions and populations. Regional climate models (RCM), composed by an atmospheric component coupled to a land surface scheme and driven over ocean areas by prescribed sea surface temperature, have been developed to(More)
Authors Jing-Jia Luo*, Wataru Sasaki*, Swadhin Behera*, Hirofumi Sakuma*, Takeshi Izumo*, Sebastien Masson*, Antonio Navarra*, Silvio Gualdi*, Simona Masina*, Alessio Bellucci*, Annalisa Cherchi*, Pascal Delecluse*, Gurvan Madec*, Claire Levy*, Marie-Alice Foujols*, Arnaud Caubel*, Guy Brasseur*, Erich Roeckner*, Marco Giorgetta*, Luis Kornblueh*, Monika(More)
A climate model represents a multitude of processes on a variety of timescales and space scales: a canonical example of multi-physics multi-scale modeling. The underlying climate system is physically characterized by sensitive dependence on initial conditions, and natural stochastic variability, so very long integrations are needed to extract signals of(More)
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