Marie A. Wright

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In order for a distributed network to function securely, the integrity of the data transmitted over the communication links must be maintained. The use of either link encryption or end-to-end encryption will help to maintain the integrity of transmitted data, although there are differences in the level of security which they provide. This paper begins with(More)
I nformation linked to individual persons was once difficult to find and even more burdensome to cross-reference. Now, such information is readily accessible and collectible through the use of automated search facilities. The threat to personal privacy has never been greater. This article presents examples of how current technology is being used to(More)
The National Security Agency (NSA) is a silent government organization whose powerful role in controlling the design and use of non-military cryptographic algorithms has generated controversy and criticism. Because so little is known about this secretive agency, this article outlines the history of the NSA. From the rise of the American Black Chamber during(More)
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