Marie A Boutilier

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This study explored male adolescents' reasons for participating in moderate and vigorous physical activity, perceived barriers to moderate and vigorous physical activity, and suggestions as to what can be done to increase participation in physical activity. A total of 26 male 15- and 16-year-old adolescents participated in focus group sessions, which were(More)
Research shows a decline in physical activity levels during adolescence, particularly among girls. This study explored perceived barriers to participation in moderate and vigorous physical activity among adolescent girls who live in a large ethnoracially and socioeconomically diverse city. A total of 73 adolescent girls in Toronto participated in 1 of 7(More)
Participatory research is often suggested as a strategy to overcome power imbalances between researchers and research "subjects" because it values equally the knowledge of each individual who participates in the project. However, there is little documentation of the dilemmas that may arise when a complex community service organization attempts to engage in(More)
BACKGROUND Teachers in Ontario are expected to implement the physical activity guidelines in the health and physical education (HPE) curriculum document that was introduced in 1998. This study examined Toronto teachers' perspective on barriers to implementing these guidelines. METHODS Forty-five teachers from five Toronto elementary schools in which(More)
The Community Action and Public Health study explored how Ontario public health practitioners interpret and implement guidance in community action. In-depth interviews were conducted with 107 public health professionals and community members in 6 Ontario health units. This report briefly describes the study methods and presents results pertaining to the(More)
The Community Action in Public Health Study explored how public health managers, frontline staff, and community participants interpret, implement and receive policy guidelines urging collaboration with community groups in public health work. In-depth case studies of 6 public health units in Ontario, Canada focussed on 19 community development projects in 3(More)