Marie Šimková

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The initiation of stomata, microscopic valves in the epidermis of higher plants that control of gas exchange, requires a co-ordinated sequence of asymmetric and symmetric divisions, which is under tight environmental and developmental control. Arabidopsis leaves grown under elevated photosynthetic photon flux density have a higher density of stomata.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Stomatal density (SD) generally decreases with rising atmospheric CO2 concentration, Ca. However, SD is also affected by light, air humidity and drought, all under systemic signalling from older leaves. This makes our understanding of how Ca controls SD incomplete. This study tested the hypotheses that SD is affected by the internal CO2(More)
Purple coneflower plants showing leaf reddening and flower abnormalities were observed in South Bohemia (Czech Republic). Transmission electron microscopy observations showed phytoplasmas in sieve cells of symptomatic plants but not in healthy ones. Polymerase chain reactions with universal and group specific phytoplasma primers followed by restriction(More)
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