Maricor N. Soriano

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Introduction Coral reefs have experienced serious declines in recent decades due to commercial and subsistence harvesting, environmental degradation related to burgeoning human communities, and rising ocean temperatures 5,6,9. An important part of understanding these events is obtained though observation and collection of data. New technologies are needed(More)
We demonstrate a new digital cleaning technique which uses a neural network that is trained to learn the transformation from dirty to clean segments of a painting image. The inputs and outputs of the network are pixels belonging to dirty and clean segments found in Fernando Amorsolo's Malacañang by the River. After digital cleaning we visualize the(More)
Two historical maps of Cebu City dated 1833 and 1873 were digitized and piecewise linearly transformed to align street maps with current Google Maps of the city. The calculated RMS errors of the transformed maps are established to be comparable with other studies. Disappearance of water basins and river path changes were observed in the current map.(More)
Line drawing from a 1938 architectural plan drawn on linen was successfully extracted using Difference-of-Gaussian (DoG) filters. Compared to traditional edge detection and image segmentation techniques, the DoG filter was able to exclude canvas weave patterns and stain without additional morphological operations. The output image using DoG filter can be(More)
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