Maricela Rodríguez-Acosta

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The genetic nature of tree adaptation to drought stress was examined by utilizing variation in the drought response of a full-sib second generation (F(2)) mapping population from a cross between Populus trichocarpa (93-968) and P. deltoides Bart (ILL-129) and known to be highly divergent for a vast range of phenotypic traits. We combined phenotyping,(More)
The spirostanic steroidal side-chain of diosgenin and hecogenin was modified to produce 22-oxocholestane derivatives. This type of side-chain was obtained in good yields through a straightforward four-step pathway. These compounds show potent brassinosteroid-like growth promoting activity evaluated via the rice lamina joint inclination bioassay. This is the(More)
26-Hydroxycholestan-22-one derivatives with oxygenated functions in the rings A and/or B were successfully synthesized from diosgenin. After the modifications of rings A and B, the spiroketal side chain was selectively opened through a Lewis acid mediated acetolysis to afford the cholestane derivatives. These compounds incorporate pharmacophores, which(More)
The title steroid, C34H50O6S, is an inter-mediate on the synthetic route between diosgenin and brassinosteroids, which possess the A ring modified with the 2α,3α-diol functionality. The polycyclic spiro-stan system has the expected conformation, with six-membered rings adopting chair forms and the five-membered rings envelope forms (flap atoms are the(More)
Toward improved drought tolerance in bioenergy crops: QTL for carbon isotope composition and stomatal conductance in Populus Maud Viger, Maricela Rodriguez-Acosta, Anne M. Rae, James I. L. Morison & Gail Taylor Centre for Biological Sciences, Life Sciences Building, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom Centre for Forestry and(More)
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