Maricela Maldonado

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Electrospun scaffolds with varied stiffness promote distinct colony morphology of human induced pluripotent stem cells, which affects their subsequent differentiation. On soft scaffolds, induced(More)
Electrospun scaffolds provide soft nanofibrous networks pliable by human induced pluripotent stem cells. J. Nam and co-workers show on page 1408 that such compliant scaffolding leads to the formation(More)
Biomechanical forces have been shown to significantly affect tissue development, morphogenesis, pathogenesis and healing, especially in orthopaedic tissues. Such biological processes are critically(More)
Robust control of human induced pluripotent stem cell (hIPSC) differentiation is essential to realize its patient-tailored therapeutic potential. Here, we demonstrate a novel application of Y-27632,(More)
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