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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The alarming increase in obesity worldwide is of concern, owing to the associations of obesity with metabolic syndrome (MetS), which has been associated with a proinflammatory state characterized by elevated plasma concentrations of several markers of inflammation. The aim of this study was to assess levels of inflammatory markers and(More)
Seven hundred and fourteen pigs were monitored from transport to slaughter in July in three treatments: 8, 16 and 24 transport hours; lairage time for the three groups was of 8h. Transport duration significantly (P<0.05) affected live-weight gain during the rest period. Weight gain percentages at lairage were 0.05%, 0.78% and 1.15% for treatments 1, 2 and(More)
This study examined the hypothesis that chemical denervation with 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) would increase myocardial responsiveness to isoproterenol. Five days previously, 15 New Zealand white rabbits were given 60 mg/kg 6-OHDA intravenously. Fifteen control rabbits received vehicle. Hemodynamic, coronary blood flow (CBF), and cardiac output measurements(More)
The disposition of nifurtimox was studied in the rat isolated perfused liver using a recirculating system. The drug was administered as a bolus (5.0, 15.0 or 30.0 micrograms mL-1), and its disappearance was monitored by analysing perfusate samples. In all experiments perfusate disappearance was monoexponential, and no significant difference was found(More)
This research was carried out to study the effects of infection with Taenia crassiceps cysticerci on the seminiferous epithelium histoarchitecture in the testes of male mice. Our results showed a severe disruption of the histoarchitecture of the testis epithelium in infected mice. In these animals, a significant infiltration of macrophages within(More)
The development of solid tumors is dependent on angiogenesis in such a way that a restriction in neovascularization would cause secondary tumor implants to remain in dormant state, establishing an apparent paradox. In this study an attempt has been made to demonstrate that in the tumor-host relationship a variable threshold of angiogenic response is(More)
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