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BACKGROUND delirium is frequently under diagnosed in older hospitalised patients. Predictive models have not been widely incorporated in clinical practice. OBJECTIVE to develop and validate a predictive score for incident delirium. DESIGN AND SETTING two consecutive observational prospective cohorts (development and validation) in a university(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding the written English language might be a barrier when teaching Evidence-based Health Care (EBHC) to Spanish-speaking physicians. AIM To quantify the magnitude of this potential barrier. METHOD Cochrane Review abstracts in English or in Spanish were randomly distributed among first-year residents at the Pontificia Universidad(More)
BACKGROUND Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is characterized by anemia, thrombocytopenia, neurological and renal involvement of variable severity and it has a dismal prognosis. Platelet-derived von Willebrand Factor-cleaving metalloprotease ADAMTS-13 activity may orient the diagnosis, but normal levels do not discard it. The most effective therapy(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of obesity among low-income preschool children has increased in Chile. AIM To compare the anthropometric evolution of obese and non obese children from birth and to determine the influence of maternal body composition and socioeconomic variables with childhood obesity. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Using a case control design, 237(More)
BACKGROUND Cat-scratch disease is common among children. Among adults the disease is less often considered in the differential diagnosis of enlarged lymph nodes and fever. AIM To report the clinical and laboratory features of eight patients with cat-scratch disease. MATERIAL AND METHODS Review of the medical records of eight patients (aged 22 to 57(More)
We studied plasma lipoproteins in 2 groups of 50 women each, one with a high (A) and the other low socio-economic status (B). Age, caloric intake, energy output and weight for height relation were comparable in both groups. A significant difference was found in plasma levels of triglycerides (A = 138.9 vs B = 104.8 mg/dl), total cholesterol (A = 226.9, B =(More)
Based on results of a diagnostic test which measured the knowledge that University of Chile students of 5 different health careers have a food and nutrition (1982), the nutrition program of the school of Dentistry was modified from a traditional system of education (formal classes) to a participative methodology in 1984, a didactic material on nutritional(More)