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The aim of the present work was to evaluate the effect of mixtures of antifungal fractions extracted from Baccharis glutinosa and Jacquinia macrocarpa plants on the development of the filamentous(More)
Collagen-based biomaterials have been widely used due to its binding capabilities. However the properties and potential use of new collagen sources are still under investigation. Fish by-products are(More)
Suárez-Jiménez, G.M., Cortez-Rocha, M.O., Rosas-Burgos, E.C., Burgos-Hernández, A., Plascencia-Jatomea, M., and Cinco-Moroyoqui, F.J. 2007. Antifungal activity of plant methanolic extracts against(More)
Preventive and curative activity of postharvest treatments with chitosan nanoparticles (CS) and chitosan biocomposites loaded with pepper tree essential oil (CS-PEO) against anthracnose were(More)