Maribel González

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The Common Bush-Tanager (Chlorospingus ophthalmicus) is distributed in Neotropical cloud-forests from Mexico to Argentina and contains 25 subspecies divided into eight subspecies groups based on biogeography, eye coloration, presence of a postocular spot and chest band. All of Central America is occupied by a single subspecies group; whereas the Andes are(More)
There is a high interest in Candida species other than Candida albicans because of the rise and the epidemiological shifts in candidiasis. These emerging Candida species are favored by the increase of immunocompromised patients and the use of new medical practices, and m. Most oropharyngeal candidiasis can be foundare observed in those HIV-infected patients(More)
We report the patch test results of 449 construction workers who came as patients to the Occupational Dermatology Service of the Instituto Nacional de Medicina y Seguridad del Trabajo in Madrid between 1989 and 1993. 90.8% of them were patch tested, because they had cutaneous lesions or a clinical history suggestive of occupational dermatitis. 65.5% (268)(More)