Mariarosaria Berti

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In this study, we tested the hypothesis that hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction may be enhanced in systemic hypertension. The hypothesis took origin from the following two considerations: alveolar hypoxia constricts the pulmonary vessels by enhancing the Ca2+ penetration across sarcolemma of the smooth muscle cells and systemic high blood pressure is(More)
We have evaluated the influence of speed of intrathecal injection on lateral distribution of 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine. We studied 60 patients undergoing lower limb surgery who were placed in the lateral position with the operative side in the dependent position. After dural puncture (25-gauge Whitacre spinal needle), the needle aperture was turned(More)
BACKGROUND S. Chiara hospital is the only neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the Province of Trento (Italy). It serves a population of about 460000 people with about 5000 infants per year, admitting the totality of the inborn and outborn VLBWI of the province. The aim of this work is to compare mortality, morbidity and neonatal treatment of the very low(More)
The measurement of oxygen consumption during walking allows the quantification of gait expenditure, mainly in patients with musculoskeletal disabilities, as in cerebral palsy (CP). In this study, first, an experimental set up for the acquisition of energy consumption during gait analysis (GA) was proposed; secondly, some parameters of energy expenditure(More)
AIM Children affected by cerebral palsy (CP) are generally characterised by some movement limitations and abnormalities that compromised gait pattern. These disabilities during deambulation may lead to excessive energy cost and so to a compromised energy efficiency. METHODS In this study oxygen expenditure was evaluated during walking in 20 children(More)
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