Mariappan Rajaram

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Sports coaches today have an access to a wide variety of information sources that describe the performance of their players. Cricket match data is highly available and rapidly growing in size which far exceeds the human abilities to analyze. Our major intention is to model an automated framework to identify specifics and correlations among play patterns, so(More)
In recent years, there has been an expansive growth in the study and implementation of neural networks over a spectrum of research domains. The NARMA model is an exact representation of the input-output behaviour of finite dimensional non-linear discrete time dynamical systems in the neighborhood of the equilibrium state. To implement neural network based(More)
Fingerprint evidence is undoubtedly the most reliable and acceptable evidence till date in the court of law. Due to the immense potential of fingerprints as an effective method of identification an attempt has been made in the present work to analyze their correlation with gender of an individual. This prospective study was carried out over a period of 2(More)
For removing salt and pepper noise from corrupted images we are using so many algorithms. In this paper, a robust statistical based median filter is introduced to remove salt and pepper noise. The function of the algorithm is to detect the corrupted pixel first since the impulse noise only affect certain pixels in the image and the remaining pixels are(More)
In this letter analysis the satellite images by using discrete wavelet transform and singular value decomposition. The input image is decomposes into the four frequency subbands by using DWT and estimates the singular value matrix of the low-low subband image and then it reconstructs the enhanced image by applying inverse DWT. The technique is compared with(More)
In this paper a new, an enhanced PSO based optimization is proposed for optimizing the power system losses and voltage profiles. Recently, the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique has been applied to solve power engineering optimization problems giving better results than classical methods. This paper shows the application of Enhanced PSO for optimal(More)
In this paper, we propose a low complex Scalable ACC-DCT based video compression approach which tends to hard exploit the pertinent temporal redundancy in the video frames to improve compression efficiency with less processing complexity. Generally, video signal has high temporal redundancies due to the high correlation between successive frames. Actually,(More)
The tracing scheme is using similarity of traffic pattern to trace the source of leaks when sensitive or proprietary data is made available to large set of parties. On the other hand we must implement digital rights management (DRM) to control content spreading and to avoid unintended content use. General tracing methods use either watermarking or(More)
The World Wide Web is a global information space. With the tremendous growth of information available to end users through the Web, search engines come to play ever a more critical role. Because of their general-purpose approach, it is always less uncommon that obtained result sets provide a burden of useless pages. The next-generation Web architecture,(More)