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INTRODUCTION Medical training cases (virtual patients) are in widespread use for student education. Most publications report about development and experiences in one course with training cases. In this paper we compare the acceptance of different training case courses with different usages deployed as supplement to lectures of the medical faculty of(More)
Die UML-Klassendiagramm-Modellierung ist einw ichtiges Themai m Informatik-Studium und verwandten Studiengängen.W ir präsentieren einV orge-hensmodell,dasssichamCognitive ApprenticeshipModellorientiert undden Stu-dierendennach anfänglich starker Führung mehr und mehr in die Selbstständigkeit entlässt,u nd das sichs ehr gut durch Tutorsysteme unterstützenl(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple-choice-examinations are still fundamental for assessment in medical degree programs. In addition to content related research, the optimization of the technical procedure is an important question. Medical examiners face three options: paper-based examinations with or without computer support or completely electronic examinations.(More)
Giving invididual feedback to students in large programming courses is time consuming and in most cases not feasible. In order to provide students with feedback we introduce PABS, a tool for automated feedback generation for programming assignments on the Java virtual machine. PABS is a web application giving students the opportunity to submit an arbitrary(More)
We introduce a newly developed visual programming and UML modeling tool for educational use. It's implemented to provide students with informative feedback during exercises as well as to assess the submissions of students automatically. Tasks combine class and activity modeling aspects as well as some simple programming requirements. The system is web-based(More)