Marianthi G. Ierapetritou

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-1MS# 001810 Uncertainty Reduction and Characterization of Complex Environmental Fate and Transport Models: An Empirical Bayesian Framework Incorporating the Stochastic Response Surface Method Suhrid Balakrishnan†,‡, Amit Roy‡, Marianthi G. Ierapetritou†, Gregory P. Flach°, Panos G. Georgopoulos†,‡ †Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering,(More)
Extracorporeal bioartificial liver devices (BAL) are perhaps among the most promising technologies for the treatment of liver failure, but significant technical challenges remain in order to develop systems with sufficient processing capacity and of manageable size. One key limitation is that during BAL operation, when the device is exposed to plasma from(More)
Uncertainty is a very important concern in production scheduling since it can cause infeasibilities and production disturbances. Thus scheduling nder uncertainty has received a lot of attention in the open literature in recent years from chemical engineering and operations research communities. he purpose of this paper is to review the main methodologies(More)
In this paper, a novel solution approach to addressing the problem of efficient reactive scheduling in multiproduct batch plants is presented. The approach is based on a two-stage solution procedure whereby, at the first stage, the deterministic schedule is established on the basis of data at the current time and, at the second stage, the optimal reschedule(More)
A newmulti-generation of cuts algorithm is presented in this paper to improve the efficiency of Benders decomposition approach for the cases that optimality cuts are difficult to be achieved within the iterations of the algorithm. This strategy is referred to as maximum feasible subsystem (MFS) cut generation strategy. In this approach in each iteration of(More)
Continuous powder mixing is an efficient alternative in high volume manufacturing of powder-based products. A new method is communicated in this paper to determine the effects of different operating conditions andmixer configurations onmixing performance. Themain idea of the proposedmethodology is the utilization of experimental residence time distribution(More)
The paper presents a decomposition based global optimization approach to bilevel linear and quadratic programming problems. By replacing the inner problem by its corresponding KKT optimality conditions, the problem is transformed to a single yet non-convex, due to the complementarity condition, mathematical program. Based on the primal-dual global(More)
In this paper, we examine the movement of particles within a continuous powder mixer using PEPT (Positron Emission Particle Tracking). The benefit of the approach is that the particle movement along the vessel can be measured non-invasively. The effect of impeller rotation rate, powder flow rate, and powder cohesion on the particle trajectory, dispersive(More)