Mariano Perales

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WUSCHEL (WUS) is a homeodomain transcription factor produced in cells of the niche/organizing center (OC) of shoot apical meristems. WUS specifies stem cell fate and also restricts its own levels by activating a negative regulator, CLAVATA3 (CLV3), in adjacent cells of the central zone (CZ). Here we show that the WUS protein, after being synthesized in(More)
In animal systems, master regulatory transcription factors (TFs) mediate stem cell maintenance through a direct transcriptional repression of differentiation promoting TFs. Whether similar mechanisms operate in plants is not known. In plants, shoot apical meristems serve as reservoirs of stem cells that provide cells for all above ground organs. WUSCHEL, a(More)
Stem cell homeostasis in shoot apical meristems of higher plants is regulated through a dynamic balance between spatial regulation of gene expression, cell growth patterns and patterns of differentiation. Cell-cell communication mediated by both the local factors and long-range signals have been implicated in stem cell homeostasis. Here we have reviewed(More)
Transcriptional mechanisms that underlie the dose-dependent regulation of gene expression in animal development have been studied extensively. However, the mechanisms of dose-dependent transcriptional regulation in plant development have not been understood. In Arabidopsis shoot apical meristems, WUSCHEL (WUS), a stem cell-promoting transcription factor,(More)
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