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GraphLog: a visual formalism for real life recursion
We present a query language called GraphLog, based on a graph representation of both data and queries. Queries are graph patterns. Edges in queries represent edges or paths in the database. RegularExpand
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A comprehensive XQuery to SQL translation using dynamic interval encoding
The W3C XQuery language recommendation, based on a hierarchical and ordered document model, supports a wide variety of constructs and use cases. There is a diversity of approaches and strategies forExpand
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Linked Movie Data Base
The Linked Movie Database (LinkedMDB) project provides a demonstration of the first open linked dataset connecting several major existing (and highly popular) movie web resources. The databaseExpand
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Having a ChuQL at XML on the Cloud
MapReduce/Hadoop has gained acceptance as a framework to process, transform, integrate, and analyze massive amounts of Web data on the Cloud. The MapReduce model (simple, fault tolerant, dataExpand
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Low Complexity Aggregation in GraphLog and Datalog
We present constructs for computing aggregate functions over sets of tuples and along paths in a database graph. We show how Datalog can be extended to compute a large class of queries withExpand
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Hy+: a Hygraph-based query and visualization system
This paper provides abrief overview of Hy+, ahygraphbased query and visualization system, which is presented in the accompanying video. Hy+ provides a user interface with extensive support forExpand
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Text / Relational Database Management Systems: Harmonizing SQL and SGML
Combined text and relational database support is increasingly recognized as an emerging need of industry, spanning applications requiring text fields as parts of their data (e.g., for customerExpand
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Architecture and Applications of the Hy+ Visualization System
The Hy + system is a generic visualization tool that supports a novel visual query language called GraphLog. In Hy + , visualizations are based on a graphical formalism that allows comprehensibleExpand
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Algebras for Querying Text Regions: Expressive Power and Optimization
There is a significant amount of interest in combining and extending database and information retrieval technologies to manage textual data. The challenge is becoming more relevant due to increasedExpand
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ExpLOD: Summary-Based Exploration of Interlinking and RDF Usage in the Linked Open Data Cloud
Publishing interlinked RDF datasets as links between data items identified using dereferenceable URIs on the web brings forward a number of issues. A key challenge is to understand the data, theExpand
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