Mariano P. Consens

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The W3C XQuery language recommendation, based on a hierarchical and ordered document model, supports a wide variety of constructs and use cases. There is a diversity of approaches and strategies for evaluating XQuery expressions, in many cases only dealing with limited subsets of the language. In this paper we describe an implementation approach that(More)
The Linked Movie Database (LinkedMDB) project provides a demonstration of the first open linked dataset connecting several major existing (and highly popular) movie web resources. The database exposed by LinkedMDB contains millions of RDF triples with hundreds of thousands of RDF links to existing web data sources that are part of the growing Linking Open(More)
Software engineering problems often involve large sets of objects and complex relationships among them. This report proposes that graphical visualization techniques can help engineers understand and solve a class of these problems. To illustrate this, two problems are analyzed and recast using the graphical language GraphLog. The first problem is that of(More)
We present a framework which allows the user to access and manipulate data uniformly, regardless of whether it resides in a database or in the file system (or in both). A key issue is the performance of the system. We show that text indexing, combined with newly developed optimization techniques, can be used to provide an efficient high level interface to(More)
There is a signiicant amount of interest in combining and extending database and information retrieval technologies to manage textual data. The challenge is becoming more relevant due to increased availability of documents in digital form. Document data has a natural hierarchical structure, which may be made explicit due to the use of markup conventions (as(More)