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Customer satisfaction, quality improvement and rework reduction are known to be the most important benefits obtained through deployment of software process maturity models and standards within an organization. Since 2003 BL Informática has been motivated and has established and maintained its software processes based on international standards (like(More)
Appropriate process implementation approaches are fundamental for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to obtain the most of software process improvement (SPI) benefits. COPPE/UFRJ has been providing SPI consultancy services to the Brazilian software industry for more than two decades. In order to cope with factors that have influence on SPI success, we(More)
The rapid deployment of high quality commercial technology often results in organizational reengineering. These changes reflect in different software engineering aspects, as the increase of software complexity. Within heterogeneous environments, due to the variety of users classes and their geographical distribution, a common understanding of the domain(More)
Continuous improvement of software development capability is fundamental for organizations to thrive in competitive markets. Nevertheless, software process improvement (SPI) implementation based on software process reference models and standards is a complex and long-term endeavor that requires investment of large sums of money. This paper describes a(More)
TeleCardio-FBC is a telemedicine system developed to enable cardiolo-gists at the Unit of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery (UCCV/FBC) to cooperate with other physicians. The system will provide specialized medical care in cardiology for patients who live far from metropolitan areas, reducing costs and enabling better follow-up of discharged patients.(More)