Mariano López-García

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Microfluidics has shown promise as a new platform for assisted reproduction. To assess the potential of microfluidics for fertilization, we studied sperm and fluid motion in microchannels to better understand the flow characteristics in a microfluidic device, how sperm interacted with this flow, and how sperm-oocyte attachment occurs in the device. There is(More)
Collagen is a key structural component of extracellular matrix and its mechanical properties, particularly its stiffness, have been shown to influence cell function. This study explores the mechanical behavior of type I collagen gels at low rates relevant to that of cell motion. The Young's modulus, E, was obtained for collagen samples of concentrations(More)
An effort to understand the development of breast cancer motivates the study of mammary gland cells and their interactions with the extracellular matrix. A mixture of mammary gland epithelial cells (normal murine mammary gland), collagen, and fluorescent beads was loaded into microchannels and observed via four-dimensional imaging. Collagen concentrations(More)
Biometric systems, characterized by their high confidential levels of security, are usually based on high-performance microprocessors implemented on personal computers. These advanced devices contain floating-point units able to carry out millions of operations per second at frequencies in the GHz range, being qualified to resolve the most complex(More)
Complex algorithms usually require several computation stages. Many embedded microprocessors have not enough computational performance to resolve these algorithms in a reasonable time, so dedicated coprocessors accelerate them although the main drawback is the area devoted to them. A reconfigurable coprocessor can drastically reduce the area, since it(More)
Nowadays, biometrics is considered as a promising solution in the market of security and personal verification. Applications such as financial transactions, law enforcement or network management security are already benefitting from this technology. Among the different bio-metric modalities, speaker verification represents an accurate and efficient way of(More)
This paper describes the implementation on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) of an embedded system for online signature verification. The recognition algorithm mainly consists of three stages. First, an initial preprocessing is applied on the captured signature, removing noise and normalizing information related to horizontal and vertical positions.(More)
1. CC05-Analizar y utilizar microprocesadores y microcontroladores como dispositivos programables digitales dentro de un sistema electrónico. 3. CB8-Que los estudiantes sean capaces de integrar conocimientos y enfrentarse a la complejidad de formular juicios a partir de una información que, siendo incompleta o limitada, incluya reflexiones sobre las(More)