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The domestic camel (dromedary) is the most important livestock species in the Canary Islands and the most important autochthonous European camel population. After six centuries of a successful adaptation process to the particular environment of the Canary Islands, the abandonment of traditional agriculture has led this population to a major bottleneck.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether reported fast-food consumption over the previous year is associated with higher childhood or adolescent body mass index (BMI). DESIGN Secondary analysis from a multicentre, multicountry cross-sectional study (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Children (ISAAC) Phase Three). SUBJECTS AND METHODS(More)
Human-driven migrations are one of the main processes shaping the genetic diversity and population structure of domestic species. However, their magnitude and direction have been rarely analysed in a statistical framework. We aimed to estimate the impact of migration on the population structure of Spanish and African goats. To achieve this goal, we analysed(More)
Our hypothesis is that direct targeting of brain areas involved in the perception of food as a rewarding stimulus accounts for initial hyperphagia caused by high-fat food (HFD). Because adolescents are more sensitive than adults to HFD, studies were performed in five-week old male mice. We analyzed the effect of acute exposition to HFD on c-Fos(More)
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