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The domestic camel (dromedary) is the most important livestock species in the Canary Islands and the most important autochthonous European camel population. After six centuries of a successful adaptation process to the particular environment of the Canary Islands, the abandonment of traditional agriculture has led this population to a major bottleneck.(More)
Genetic diversity at 13 equine microsatellite loci was compared in five endangered Spanish donkey breeds: Andaluza, Catalana, Mallorquina, Encartaciones and Zamorano-Leonesa. All of the equine microsatellites used in this study were amplified and were polymorphic in the domestic donkey breeds with the exception of HMS1, which was monomorphic, and ASB2,(More)
Human-driven migrations are one of the main processes shaping the genetic diversity and population structure of domestic species. However, their magnitude and direction have been rarely analysed in a statistical framework. We aimed to estimate the impact of migration on the population structure of Spanish and African goats. To achieve this goal, we analysed(More)
  • I C Salazar, Martínez Granja, +7 authors John Gómez
  • 2011
5 mL-1 SUMMARY Plantations of proteas are new at the department of Cundinamarca, where businesses of production of Leucadendron have been carried out. In these plantations a new disease denominated wilting has been observed. To identify the causal agent of this disease conventional plant pathological tests were conducted to isolate and to verify the(More)
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