Mariano Filippa

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—A Bond Graph model of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) powertrain test cell is proposed. The test cell consists of a motor/generator coupled to a HEV powertrain and powered by a bidirectional power converter. Programmable loading conditions, including positive and negative resistive and inertial loads of any magnitude are modeled, avoiding the use of(More)
—This paper presents an analytical method to calculate the air-gap magnetic flux of interior-type permanent-magnet (IPM) machines taking into account the assembly gap and saturation in stator and rotor. Special considerations are given to the calculation of leakage flux in the nonlinear magnetic short circuit or the " magnetic bridges. " An equivalent(More)
—This paper presents the modeling, control, and implementation of a novel variable-speed constant-frequency power generation system for renewable and distributed energy applications. The generation system consists of a wound-rotor generator, a brushless exciter and a low-rating controlled power converter. The main generator is a doubly fed induction machine(More)
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