Mariano Feriani

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BACKGROUND Over the past 15 years, lactate has been used successfully as a buffer in peritoneal dialysis solutions, although its effectiveness in the correction of uremic acidosis and its biocompatibility on peritoneal resident cells have been questioned. In addition, some investigators have suggested other potential adverse metabolic effects resulting from(More)
Symptomatic intradialytic hypotension is a common complication of hemodialysis (HD). The application of convective therapies to the outpatient setting may improve outcomes, including intradialytic hypotension. In this multicenter, open-label, randomized controlled study, we randomly assigned 146 long-term dialysis patients to HD (n = 70), online predilution(More)
Creatinine clearance has been evaluated under baseline conditions and after acute protein load in five normal and 29 pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy without evidence of renal disease. After a 3-h period in which creatinine clearance was measured hourly (resting GFR), a meal containing 80 g of proteins was administered and creatinine(More)