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The stomachs and intestines of 9 Commerson's dolphins incidentally caught in trawl nets in central Patagonia and 23 stranded on beaches in Tierra del Fuego were surveyed for helminth parasites. A total of 267 individuals belonging to 4 species of parasites (1 nematode, 3 digeneans) were found in the dolphins from the first area: Anisakis sp. (larvae type 1(More)
An endometrial adenocarcinoma with areas of squamous differentiation and generalised metastasis was observed in a bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus stranded in northern Patagonia in July 1997. This is the second report of a uterine adenocarcinoma in a free-living cetacean and the first in a Delphinidae. This neoplasm likely compromised reproduction for(More)
The Internet data traffic constant growth caused by the popularization of cloud services, mobile and social networks, is being stressed by the advent of 5G technologies. Hence, architectural changes are required at the underlying networks to support the expected traffic volume growth, whereas providing a highly dynamic connectivity. Cost-effective and(More)
This list is for informational purposes only, indicating volumes currently in the NMML Library collection. This is a searchable PDF file. Press Ctrl+F and type the keyword you are searching for. of increment formation in otoliths of overwintering postlarval and prejuvenile Atlantic menhaden, {IBrevoortia tyrannus}.
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