Marianne Zlatkowski

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The growth of equiaxed dendrites from a pure supercooled melt is examined. We propose modifications to the classical Ivantsov theory that allow for consideration of multiple interacting dendrites. The modified theory reveals the existence of a steady-state dendritic solidification mode in a frame of reference moving with the dendrite tip. This regime should(More)
This work concerns the reexamination and extension of the current theory of phase transition dynamics for liquid droplets growing on soluble aerosols from a supersaturated gas mixture for the general case of arbitrary value of vapor concentration. We found that the inconsistency in the common treatment of the vapor diffusion, due to an implicit assumption(More)
In this work we study diffusion interactions among liquid droplets growing in stochastic population by condensation from supersaturated binary gas mixture. During the postnucleation transient regime collective growth of liquid droplets competing for the available water vapor decreases local supersaturation leading to the increase of critical radius and the(More)
We subjected succinonitrile dendrites growing under steady-state conditions to a rapid change in thermal driving force through a step-change in pressure. This change in pressure caused a corresponding change in the equilibrium melting temperature due to the Clapeyron effect, and a shift in the temperature field due to an adiabatic temperature change in both(More)
This work presents a self-consistent description of phase transition dynamics of disperse liquid phase precipitating from a supersaturated gas mixture. The unified approach integrates the macroscale transport phenomena of cloud dynamics with the essential microphysical kinetic processes of droplet condensation, evaporation, and droplet collisions(More)
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