Marianne Winslett

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Ginsberg and Smith [6, 71 propose a new method for reasoning about action, which they term a possible worlds approach (P WA). The PWA is au elegant, simple, and potentially very powerful domain-independent technique that has proven fruitful in other areas of AI [13, 51. In the domain of reasoning about action, Ginsberg and Smith offer the PWA as a solution(More)
Business and military partners, companies and their customers, and other closely cooperating parties may have a compelling need to conduct sensitive interactions on line, such as accessing each other's local services and other local resources. Automated trust negotiation is an approach to establishing trust between parties so that such interactions can take(More)
We present the architecture and implementation results for Panda 2.0, a library for input and output of multidimensional arrays on parallel and sequential platforms. Panda achieves remarkable performance levels on the IBM SP2, showing excellent scalability as data size increases and as the number of nodes increases, and provides throughputs close to the(More)
Automated trust negotiation is an approach to establishing trust between strangers through iterative disclosure of digital credentials. In automated trust negotiation, access control policies play a key role in protecting resources from unauthorized access. Unlike in traditional trust management systems, the access control policy for a resource is usually(More)
In open systems like the Internet, traditional approaches to security based on identity do not provide a solution to the problem of establishing trust between strangers, because strangers do not share the same security domain. A new approach to establishing trust between strangers is trust negotiation, the bilateral exchange of digital credentials(More)
The Internet provides an environment where two parties who are virtually strangers to each other can make connec tions and do business together Before any actual business starts a certain level of trust should be established Each party should make sure that the other one is quali ed and can be trusted for the ongoing business Property based digital(More)
As increasing amounts of valuable information are produced and persist digitally, the ability to determine the origin of data becomes important. In science, medicine, commerce, and government, data provenance tracking is essential for rights protection, regulatory compliance, management of intelligence and medical data, and authentication of information as(More)
Researchers have recently begun to develop and investigate policy languages to describe trust and security requirements on the Semantic Web [14, 24]. Such policies will be one component of a run-time system that can negotiate to establish trust on the Semantic Web. In this paper, we show how to express different kinds of access control policies and control(More)
Gaining access to sensitive resources on the Web usually involves an explicit registration step, where the client has to provide a predetermined set of information to the server. The registration process yields a login/password combination, a cookie, or something similar that can be used to access the sensitive resources. In this paper we show how an(More)