Marianne Toftegaard

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OBJECTIVE In intensive care units arterial blood sampling is routine for analysing acid-base and oxygenation status. In nonintensive departments arterial blood sampling is seldom performed. Venous blood sampling is routine but not usually analysed for acid-base and oxygenation status. This study describes the correlation between arterial and peripheral,(More)
A case of severe polyuria elicited by intravenous administration of a normal pharmacological dose of dexamethasone is reported. The polyuria did not respond to treatment with vasopressin. A 15-year-old girl with a brain tumour was referred for surgery. After induction of anaesthesia she recieved dexamethasone 4 mg i.v., and developed a massive polyuria with(More)
In non-emergency medical departments such as internal medicine sampling of arterial blood and analysis for acid-base status is not routinely performed. Peripheral venous blood is routinely taken but interpretation of its acid-base status is difficult. This paper presents a method for calculation of arterial acid-base and blood gas status from measurements(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate a method for calculating arterial values of pH, carbon dioxide tension (P(CO(2))) and oxygen tension (P(O(2))) from peripheral venous values. In total, 40 patients were studied. Arterial and peripheral venous blood were sampled at a department of respiratory diseases. Arterial values were calculated from venous,(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper evaluates a method in which arterial values of pH, carbon dioxide tension (Pco(2)) and oxygen tension (Po(2)) calculated from venous values and pulse oximetry are compared with simultaneously measured arterial values. METHODS 103 adult patients from three departments (pulmonary medicine, thoracic intensive care and multidisciplinary(More)
This paper describes progress in a model-based approach to building a decision support system for mechanical ventilation. It highlights that the process of building models promotes generation of ideas and describes three systems resulting from this process, i.e. for assessing pulmonary gas exchange, calculating arterial acid-base status; and optimizing(More)
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