Marianne Shearer

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IN THE process of conducting a broad range exploratory study of children born to women in state psychiatric hospitals, our data showed there were 343 babies born to schizophrenic women patients in Michigan’s six state hospitals between 1925 and 1964. It was somewhat surprising to find that of these, 148 were male and 186 were female. There were nine whose(More)
This paper describes how the Melbourne East General Practice Network supports general practice to enable quality of care, it describes the challenges and enablers of change, and the evidence of practice capacity building and improved quality of care. Primary care is well known as a place where quality, relatively inexpensive medical care occurs. General(More)
Throughout the international community there is an increasing focus on the benefits of collecting, pooling and analysing patient data. General practice provides a great opportunity to create a comprehensive database of the Australian population as 90% of Australians visit their general practitioner each year and general practices are increasingly(More)
INTRODUCTION Five years ago Australia, and the world, placed itself on heightened alert for pandemic influenza, based on concerns about the potential spread of the avian influenza virus. This prompted a flurry of preparation activity involving general practice, with information from various sources; government, colleges and divisions of general practice. (More)
BACKGROUND Every day, patients are admitted to the hospital with conditions that could have been effectively managed in the primary care sector. These admissions are expensive and in many cases are possible to avoid if early intervention occurs. General practitioners are in the best position to identify those at risk of imminent hospital presentation and(More)