Marianne S. Sabinsky

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OBJECTIVE To explore motivation and perceived barriers towards weight loss among Danish men. DESIGN The study was of an explorative nature, using qualitative focus group interviews as a method. SETTING Copenhagen, Denmark. SUBJECTS Twenty-two overweight men, at the age of 25-44 years and motivated for weight loss, were recruited and distributed into(More)
OBJECTIVE School lunch programmes are one strategy to promote healthier dietary habits in children, but better evaluation tools for assessing the dietary quality of such programmes are needed. The aim of the present study was to develop and validate a simple index to assess the dietary quality of school lunches for children aged 7-13 years. DESIGN A Meal(More)
BACKGROUND It is a challenge to assess children's dietary intake. The digital photographic method (DPM) may be an objective method that can overcome some of these challenges. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the validity and reliability of a DPM to assess the quality of dietary intake from school lunch sandwiches brought from home among(More)
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