Marianne Sørensen

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The northern Andes harbour a flora that is as species-rich or even richer than the 18-times larger lowland Amazon basin. Gaining an understanding of how the high species richness of the Andean region is generated and maintained is therefore of particular interest. Environmental sorting due to elevational gradients in climate has been emphasized as a driver(More)
Medication errors are of major concern in most countries. The European PSIP project aims to identify and prevent medication errors by enabling data mining and designing contextualized decision support functionalities using a human factors engineering approach. To create a basic understanding of the work practice in the medication process members of the(More)
We report the detection of an optical jet in the nearby Seyfert 1 radio galaxy 3C120. The optical jet coincides with the well-known radio jet and emits continuum radiation (B,V 0 ,I) with a radio-to-optical spectral index of 0:65. There are no clear optical counterparts to the radio knots, although the optical condensation A of the galaxy, which includes(More)
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