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Asia accounts for more than half of all cases of cervical cancer registered globally and improving prevention is urgently needed. A range of tools and strategies is now available to effectively prevent this disease, including two new prophylactic HPV vaccines approved and recommended for adolescents and young women. However, without communication these(More)
and seminars at the Said Business School and Warwick University whose participants are thanked for their comments. Thanks are due to Robert Leech, Lorena Dominguez-Arocha, Emma Jacques and Erin Prather for research assistance. I am grateful for discussions with Tim Bush and Michelle Edkins of Hermes, and Stuart Bell and Paul Marsland of PIRC. The empirical(More)
Central America is an area with a growing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic, but with marked limitations in its health care infrastructure. Estimated adult HIV infection rates range from 0.20% in Nicaragua to 2.01% in Belize. Hospitals and clinicians with experience in HIV care exist mainly, if not only, in capital cities and principal economic(More)
How have the power and organisational effects of modern accounting systems developed? What is the appropriate theoretical framework for interpreting that development? Researchers in the ‘Neoclassical’ tradition of ‘economic rationalism’ focus on tracing how efficiently developments in accounting techniques, from the British Industrial Revolution (BIR) to(More)
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