Marianne Piano

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PURPOSE Extensive literature exists on normative stereoacuity values for younger children, but there is less information about normative stereoacuity in older children/adults. Individual stereotests cannot be used interchangeably-knowing the upper limit of normality for each test is important. This report details normative stereoacuity values for 5(More)
Heart failure is estimated to affect 4 to 5 million Americans, with 550 000 new cases reported annually.1 In the past 3 decades, both the incidence and prevalence of heart failure have increased.1–3 Factors that have contributed to this increase are the aging US population and improved survival rates in patients with cardiovascular disease due to(More)
BACKGROUND Net survival rates of cancer are increasing worldwide, placing a strain on health service provision. There is a drive to transfer the care of cancer survivors-individuals living with and beyond cancer-to the community and encourage them to play an active role in their own care. Telehealth, the use of technology in remote exchange of data and(More)
PURPOSE Develop a paradigm to map binocular perceptual visual distortions in adult amblyopes and visually normal controls, measure their stability over time, and determine the relationship between strength of binocular single vision and distortion magnitude. METHODS Perceptual visual distortions were measured in 24 strabismic, anisometropic, or(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Intermittent distance exotropia is difficult to conservatively manage, with techniques varying widely between institutions. This review aims to examine current literature on conservative management for intermittent distance exotropia, investigate its impact upon current clinical practice, and identify areas for further research. (More)
PURPOSE To compare clinical practice patterns regarding atropine penalization use by UK orthoptists to the current evidence base and identify any existing barriers against use of AP as first-line treatment. METHODS An online survey was designed to assess current practice patterns of UK orthoptists using atropine penalization. They were asked to identify(More)
PURPOSE To establish the point prevalence of perceived visual distortions (PVDs) in amblyopic children; the association between severity of PVDs and clinical parameters of amblyopia; and the relationship between PVDs and amblyopia treatment outcomes. METHODS Perceived visual distortions were measured using a 16-point dichoptic alignment paradigm in 148(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the impact of degrading binocular single vision (BSV) on performance of fine visuomotor skill tasks requiring speed/accuracy. METHODS Binocular functions (Frisby/Preschool Randot [PSR] stereoacuity, horizontal phasic prism fusion amplitudes) were measured in visually normal participants aged 18 to 40 years (n = 80). Participants(More)
PURPOSE Establish whether the Sbisa bar, Bagolini filter (BF) bar, and neutral density filter (NDF) bar, used to measure density of suppression, are equivalent and possess test-retest reliability. Determine whether density of suppression is altered when measurement equipment/testing conditions are changed. METHODS Our pilot study had 10 subjects aged ≥18(More)
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