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OBJECTIVE To compare perinatal mortality and severe perinatal morbidity between planned home and planned hospital births, among low-risk women who started their labour in primary care. DESIGN A nationwide cohort study. SETTING The entire Netherlands. POPULATION A total of 529,688 low-risk women who were in primary midwife-led care at the onset of(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify a set of indicators for monitoring the quality of maternity care for low-risk women provided by primary care midwives and general practitioners (GPs) in the Netherlands. DESIGN A Project Group (midwives, GPs, policymakers and researchers) defined a long list of potential indicators based on the literature, national guidelines and(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to perform a structural analysis of determinants of risk of critical incidents in care for women with a low risk profile at the start of pregnancy with a view on improving patient safety. METHODS We included 71 critical incidents in primary midwifery care and subsequent hospital care in case of referral after 36 weeks of(More)
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