Marianne M. Green

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PURPOSE To assess the relative importance of criteria used for residency selection in 21 medical specialties given current available data and competitiveness of specialties. METHOD In 2006, questionnaires were distributed to 2,528 program directors in university hospital or university-affiliated community hospital residency programs across 21 medical(More)
BACKGROUND Widely used models for teaching and assessing communication skills highlight the importance of greeting patients appropriately, but there is little evidence regarding what constitutes an appropriate greeting. METHODS To obtain data on patient expectations for greetings, we asked closed-ended questions about preferences for shaking hands, use of(More)
PURPOSE Over one-third of U.S. medical schools offer combined baccalaureate/MD (BA/MD) degree programs. A subset of these truncate the premedical phase, reducing total time to the MD degree. Data comparing educational outcomes of these programs with those of conventional pathways are limited. METHOD The authors reviewed demographic characteristics and(More)
The Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, Md, contracted with the Rhode Island Department of Health, Providence, to conduct a project to increase reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions through physician education. Voluntary reporting, an important part of postmarketing surveillance that signals potential problems with marketed drugs, historically(More)
PURPOSE Although professionalism has always been a core value in medicine, it has received increasingly explicit attention over the past several years. Unfortunately, the terms used to explain this competency have been rather abstract. This study was designed to identify and prioritize behaviorally based signs of medical professionalism that are relevant to(More)
The landscape of combined baccalaureate-MD programs has changed substantially in the last two decades but has not been documented in detail. The authors review the current state of these programs and discuss opportunities for future study of their evolving role and potential impact.In 2011, using a definition of baccalaureate-MD program built on prior(More)
A long-standingethos surrounds thepracticeofmedicine. In that ethos physicians cannot fulfill their healing purpose without showing a high level of professionalism toward patients. It is part of medicine’s social contract, a contract throughwhich scrutiny bypublic interest typically tells physicianshowwell theyaredoingand howwell they have been taught.(More)
Importance Success on the internal medicine (IM) examination is a central requirement of the American Board of Internal Medicine's (ABIM's) Maintenance of Certification program (MOC). Therefore, it is important to understand the degree to which this examination reflects conditions seen in practice, one dimension of content validity, which focuses on the(More)
AIM We sought to investigate the number of US medical schools utilizing portfolios, the format of portfolios, information technology (IT) innovations, purpose of portfolios and their ability to engage faculty and students. METHODS A 21-question survey regarding portfolios was sent to the 141 LCME-accredited, US medical schools. The response rate was 50%(More)