Marianne L. Gardner

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In this paper we introduce a partial order on the elements of a matroid based on its fundamental circuits. The partial order is used to define and classify fundamental and secondary equivalence classes of a bicircular matroid. These classes form the basic building blocks of bicir-cuLlar generalized networks, i.e., generalized networks containing no unit(More)
Lever pressing by squirrel monkeys was examined under second-order schedules of electric shock presentation in which different discriminative stimuli were associated with consecutive components (sequence schedules). Components were always two-minute fixed-interval schedules, and three different overall schedules were studied. Under an overall eight-minute(More)
Four experiments were conducted in which lever pressing by squirrel monkeys was maintained under multiple, mixed, or chained schedules of electric-shock presentation. In the first two experiments, a multiple schedule was employed in which a fixed-interval schedule of shock presentation alternated with a signaled two-minute component. Initially, no events(More)
Following initial histories under a schedule of electric shock postponement, lever pressing in squirrel monkeys was maintained under fixed-interval and fixed-time schedules of electric shock presentation. No difference in either rate or pattern of responding was obtained when these schedules were presented as components of a multiple schedule. When they(More)
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