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A series of health surveys are conducted every sixth to seventh year in Denmark. In the most recent survey of 2000, a national random sample (>16 years) was drawn from the Danish Central Personal Register. Out of the original sample 12,333 (74%) were interviewed and of these 10,066 returned a completed questionnaire (SF-36). The present study includes only(More)
INTRODUCTION Existing methods to detect breast cancer in asymptomatic patients have limitations, and there is a need to develop more accurate and convenient methods. In this study, we investigated whether early detection of breast cancer is possible by analyzing gene-expression patterns in peripheral blood cells. METHODS Using macroarrays and(More)
Currently the most prevalent format for mobile gaming is the single-player variety, where users interact with the game's artificial intelligence within a number of genres such as sports, action, racing, and puzzle games, etc. The users install the game and play it for entertainment and to pass the time until repetitiveness and boredom prompts them to stop(More)
OBJECTIVES The clinical classification of myocardial infarction (MI) into five types was introduced in 2007 as a component of the universal definition. A Type 5 MI was defined as a MI related to coronary artery bypass surgery. In a setting of patients undergoing elective coronary artery bypass grafting, we set out (i) to describe the pattern of multiple(More)
The paper argues that the study of ICT usage among small and medium sized enterprises benefits from a combination of methods, including diffusion studies, institutional analyses, and studies of post-adoption behaviour. Introduction It is generally accepted that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have a vital role in national and regional economies.(More)
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