Marianne Huchard

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Implementing a model transformation is a very complex task and in an MDA process, chains of model transformations are usually built. When writing such a transformation chain, developers often need to have information on the previously applied transformations. Thus, disposing of a traceability framework enabling to gather information on the transformation(More)
Relational datasets, i.e., datasets in which individuals are described both by their own features and by their relations to other individuals, arise from various sources such as databases, both relational and object-oriented, knowledge bases, or software models, e.g., UML class diagrams. When processing such complex datasets, it is of prime importance for(More)
Several algorithms [Cas92, MS89, Run92, DDHL94a, DDHL95, GMM95] have been proposed to automatically insert a class into an inheritance hierarchy. But actual hierarchies all include overriden and overloaded properties that these algorithms handle either very partially or not at all. Partially handled means handled provided there is a separate given function(More)
Softwares are designed to be used a significant amount of time, therefore maintenance represents an important part of their life cycle. It has been estimated that a lot of the time allocated to software maintenance is spent on the program comprehension. Many approaches using the program structure or external documentation have been created to ease the(More)
The Galois Sub-hierarchy (GSH) is a polynomial-size representation of a concept lattice which has been applied to several fields, such as software engineering and linguistics. In this paper, we analyze the performances, in terms of computation time, of three GSH-building algorithms with very different algorithmic strategies: Ares, Ceres and Pluton. We use(More)
Designing and maintaining a huge class model is a very complex task. When an object oriented software or model grows, duplicated elements start to appear, decreasing the readability and the maintainability. In this paper, we present an approach, implemented in a tool and validated by a case study, that helps software architects designing and improving their(More)
In SOA, composite applications can be developed on the basis of collections of interacting web services. A service's functionality is exposed to the external world by an abstract interface, described by the standard WSDL language, which must be published by service providers to public registries where service consumers can find them. Nowadays, web service(More)
Migrating software product variants which are deemed similar into a product line is a challenging task with main impact in software reengineering. To exploit existing software variants to build a software product line (SPL), the first step is to mine the feature model of this SPL which involves extracting common and optional features. Thus, we propose, in(More)
The main topic of this paper is multiple inheritance and conflict resolution methods in Object Oriented Programming. Our aim is to develop sound mechanisms easily understandable to any user. For this purpose, coherent behaviors of conflict resolution methods for multiple inheritance (such as supporting incrementality-monotonicity and stability under link(More)