Marianne Heuts

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Contrast-detection thresholds for various combinations of chromaticity and luminance differences were obtained for spatiotemporal square-wave modulation of a yellow field. The results are expressed in terms of excitation of the Vos-Walraven R,G primaries. For every spatiotemporal frequency the thresholds can be approximated by an ellipse in the red-green(More)
1. Dorsal, anal and pectoral fin ray numbers are shown to be modifiable by temperature and salinity conditions during embryonic development, in both western European population groups ofGasterosteus aculeatus. This modification follows a characteristic pattern in relation to both factors mentioned. Temperature lability varies from low to high according to(More)
A gene encoding a putrescine oxidase (PuORh, EC was identified from the genome of Rhodococcus erythropolis NCIMB 11540. The gene was cloned in the pBAD vector and overexpressed at high levels in Escherichia coli. The purified enzyme was shown to be a soluble dimeric flavoprotein consisting of subunits of 50 kDa and contains non-covalently bound(More)
A partir d'un stock de souris albinos non inbred, deux lignées ont été formées, l'une par reproduction á l'âge de deux á trois mois, l'autre par reproduction á plus d'un an. Les individus de 3e génération de cette seconde Iignée se montrent, á l'âge d'un an, supérieurs aux individus de même âge des générations 12 á 14 de la premiére lignée pour ce qui(More)
1) La vitesse de développement, la vitesse de croissance et le pourcenage de survie pendant le stade embryonnaire ont été mesurés chez le saumon, la truite de mer, la truite commune, et chez leurs hybrides réciproques, à cinq températures constantes. La consommation d'oxyg\`ne a été mesuré sur le nême matériel, au cours du développement ebryonnaire et(More)
Extending our work 1) on natural and artificial selection of polygenic characters, a series of investigations was carried out with an Oregon R.C.-stock of Drosophila rnelanogaster (obtained through the courtesy of M. Dempster from the Agricultural College of the University of California at Berkely). For almost ten years this stock had been imbred by(More)
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