Marianne Guérois

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We report the case of a newborn who showed typical signs of rickets at birth craniotabes and severe hypocalcemia. The diagnosis of fetal rickets was confirmed by radiography. Maternal deficiency was revealed by an excessively low vitamin D level. The multiparous Moroccan mother had suffered low back pain and paraesthesia for several years. She wore the veil(More)
Des unités urbaines de 1954 aux aires urbaines de 1997, plusieurs définitions officielles de la ville ont été créées pour mieux s'ajuster à l'évolution du fait urbain en France. Face à la coexistence de plusieurs définitions, le choix d'un cadre d'étude plutôt qu'un autre n'est pas sans influence sur la connaissance des villes et la production d'indicateurs(More)
Remerciements Je tiens à remercier en premier lieu Lena Sanders, qui a encadré cette habilitation et m'a prodiguée de précieux conseils et encouragements tout au long de cette année. Mes pensées vont aussi à Denise Pumain, qui m'a accompagnée chaleureusement depuis mes années de thèse et m'a toujours portée toute sa confiance. Je tiens à lui exprimer ma(More)
The development of cardiorespirography with data processing enables to perform polygraphic recordings. However the standardized results supplied by this new generation of equipment cannot be used directly and need to be validated and analized by the clinician. The confrontation of the cardiac and respiratory curves allows a semiological analysis of the(More)
Cutaneous pigmentation, lingual leukoplasia and dystrophic changes of nails are present in the two cases. The other clinical manifestations are dental alterations, epiphora, loss of dermal ridges of the pulp with hyperhidrosis, atrophic skin of the dorsum of the hands. Dysphagia and bone marrow hypoplasia are present in one case. The proband (case 1) has(More)
The birth and subsequent hospitalization of very low birth weight premature infants can be a psychological shock for parents which may disturb further relationships between infant and parents. The parents' memories from the birth period of 94 very low birthweight premature infants (< 32 weeks of gestational age) have been analyzed by way of an interview.(More)