Marianne E Vail

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Mitochondria play an important role in the cell death induced by many drugs, including hepatotoxicity from overdose of the popular analgesic, acetaminophen (APAP). To investigate mitochondrial alterations associated with APAP-induced hepatotoxicity, the subcellular distribution of proapoptotic BAX was determined. Based on the antiapoptotic characteristics(More)
Transgenic mice that overexpress transforming growth factor (TGF)-alpha develop liver tumors between 12 and 15 months of age. Tumor development is preceded by an overall increase in the rates of hepatocyte proliferation and cell death. To examine the role of apoptosis in the development of TGF-alpha-induced liver tumors, we generated TGF-alpha/Bcl-2 double(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess physician assistant (PA) students' attitudes and experiences toward academic dishonesty during training and to determine whether PA students self-report cheating during PA school. METHODS An anonymous, quantitative, exploratory, descriptive survey was sent to clinical-year PA students enrolled in PA programs(More)
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