Marianne E Green

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Monkeys with crossed unilateral excitotoxic lesions of the anterior thalamus and unilateral inferotemporal cortex ablation were severely impaired at learning two tasks which required the integration of information about the appearance of objects and their positions in space. The lesioned monkeys were also impaired at learning a spatial task and a task which(More)
Monkeys with crossed unilateral lesions of the dorsomedial thalamus and contralateral ablations of the inferotemporal cortex were mildly impaired on acquisition and retention of visual conditional tasks requiring the integration of information about objects and their positions in space. They were not impaired on other conditional and nonconditional tasks.(More)
Because many types of living cells are sensitive to applied strain, different in vitro models have been designed to elucidate the cellular and subcellular processes that respond to mechanical deformation at both the cell and tissue level. Our focus was to improve upon an already established strain system to make it capable of independently monitoring the(More)
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